Features of a Good Website

Though there are millions of websites on the internet today, there are only a few good ones. A good website is one that tells a story that everyone wants to hear. One that turns a stranger into a close friend and later a customer or a follower. Generally, a website must attract and retain visitors rather than distract them. Here are a few qualities of a good website.


A good website is one whose goals and objectives are clearly articulated and achievable through the shortest route possible. It is brief and straight to the point. If your website is to be a good one, its visitors should be able to click on various links and either buy something or go where you want them to go.

They should also leave their email addresses or mobile phone numbers for further follow-ups where necessary. It should be easy for them to tell their friends about your website. These activities are more than enough. If you allow more activities, you are likely to lose your focus.

Search Engine Optimized

Apart from being concise, a website of the 21st century that is not search engine optimized is as good as dead. The online audience will not know of its existence. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making a website more visible online. There are three main forms of SEO. The first one concerns itself with creating a website that search engines can easily identify and crawl. It is called technical SEO. It involves improving the overall website architecture and speed.

Next in line is on-page SEO. It involves the activities done on the website itself to enhance its visibility to the online audience. These activities include creating high-quality and thought-provoking content, internal and external linking as well as keyword research and optimization. Last but not least is off-page SEO which involves social media networking, email marketing and other SEO tactics that are done outside the website in question.


A website must keep changing to reflect the ever-present changes in the digital world. Even SEO algorithms change by the day, and in a world where you either adapt to the present changes or die, a good website cannot afford to be static. Realize that we are not talking about changing the core business of the website here. We are talking about the changes that improve user experience on the website. These include embedding videos, adding social media sharing links and incorporating maps and directions where necessary. The list is long.

Mobile Friendly

Statistically, a lion’s share of the online audience uses mobile devices to access the internet. This tells you clearly that a website that is not mobile friendly is doomed. It will not get any many visitors as it expects. Unlike computers, mobile devices are easily portable and they can be used for browsing the internet wherever one is as long as there is an internet connection.

In summary, there are many features of a good website. What matters is what you are looking for in a website. However, any website that works must clearly direct its visitors to the right place from one page to the other. Typically, one page does just one thing, the other does another one thing and the last page in the line takes the visitor exactly where you wanted them to be in the first place. These pages should be as few as possible. Sometimes, even one page is enough.

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